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About Us

Who is Jewellery Connection?


The Jewellery Connection started with the passion of Victor Magnes, a master goldsmith and the owner of this innovative business. His passion was, and still is, the design of extraordinarily beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery in many forms. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and has built a desirable reputation which ensures a steady flow of elite clientele.


Under Victor’s watchful eye and with his rigorous standards, the Jewellery Connection has become a flourishing empire which prides itself on designing and manufacturing of some of the finest pieces of jewellery in the world. The business not only specialises in bringing exquisitely designed and crafted pieces to customers all over South Africa, but also in providing an outstanding overall service.


We Inspire Creativity!


If a more intimate flair is required it is possible for clients to design their own jewellery and have it custom made with artistic genius and expert knowledge earned over decades in the industry. Several pieces of jewellery can be combined into one unique design, with metals smelted into new forms and stones reset into exquisite new configurations to form a very different, brand new show-stopping piece.


The bottom line is that if you can dream it, we can make it.

Shop Online – Innovation at its Best!


An innovative website design with a unique online purchasing system allows clients to browse through existing jewellery in stock and to purchase their ideal pieces online. We understand that buying jewellery online might seem daunting for some, but rest assured that the latest encryption technologies are used to keep customer details confidential and information such as contact details, credit or bank card details and orders are encrypted and protected by a secure server for ultimate security.


Credit card payments are done safely through a secure payment gateway. This gives clients complete peace of mind when they decide to do their purchase online. Payment can also be made with electronic bank transfers or direct deposits, after which the order will be processed. The purchase will then be discreetly packaged and delivered to the desired client address by a trusted and vetted courier company that has been delivering orders safely to customers for years.


The Jewellery Connection Workshop


The Jewellery Connection has a workshop in Norwood, Gauteng. Here is where all the real creativity and work is done by our well trained professionals who can help clients to design their own perfect piece. They can then start the process of manufacturing it according to the specifications of the client.


When talking about the Jewellery Connection, clients use words like ‘very professional’safer and effortless’, which means that this business is doing it exactly right! So if you need a stunning new piece of jewellery or want to redesign some old pieces, contact Victor for his brand of outstanding craftsmanship, innovative designs and high standards.