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Valuation Reports

What Is A Valuation?

Valuation Report enables you to insure your jewellery at replacement prices and giving you peace of mind of authentication pedigree certificate. 

Replacement Value

A Valuation Reports means that you have a true replacement value including vat, but this can vary because of the dollar exchange rates that can effect gold and diamonds and gem stones

Our Valuation

Our Valuation is free of charge for each item purchased from us. A Valuation includes all specifications of the piece of jewellery, including diamonds all specifications. The Valuation Report will also have a picture, showing the design.

Proving Authenticity

Our Valuation gives you the pedigree of authenticity for each piece of jewellery, Our Valuation provides you with complete peace of mind, leaving you feeling happy about your purchases.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss our Valuation Certificates in more detail, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our Customer Care Team on +27 11 728 6800

Valuation Reports