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Our Featured selection is made up of some of our extra special jewellery collections. The reason we have decided to display it as part of our main display is because it showcases some of the best and most exquisite designs that have been chosen by our previous clients. Our featured selection usually represents some of the most classic, elegant and truly timeless pieces of jewellery that we have on offer. This collection is often made up of our top three most popular rings that were selected by both ladies and gents.  As the jeweller, I find our Featured category to be very exciting, as every few weeks this collection can change depending on design or demand. We find that our client’s demands often vary as fashion changes because of this we often see a variation in the gemstones shape, cut, colour, and the even the metal used. Demand and fashion can cause metal fashions to vary from white gold to rose gold or from silver to platinum. Our featured selection aims to truly be a showcase of the best designs, with the trend of the moment being showcased at front and centre.

CLASSIC TRILOGY DIAMOND RING: The Classic Trilogy Diamond ring is a timeless piece that features ..
GRANGE CLASSIC TRILOGY: The Grange Classic Trilogy ring features three impeccable round brilliant..
TWIST RING 0.42CT TOTAL DIAMONDS: This multi-dimensional ring appears to power a magnificent mome..
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