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Bracelets & Bangles

With an exceptional selection of bracelets and bangles for sale in South Africa, the Jewellery Connection caters to both men and women. In ancient times, the Egyptians wore bracelets set with lapis lazuli to ward off evil spirits. Since those times, bracelets have been worn around upper arms and wrists of women and men to add glamour to any outfit.

From dainty diamond tennis bracelets set with diamonds all the way around that are seen as the ultimate in luxury, to charm bracelets, intricate bangles and unisex stainless steel and gold bracelets that can be worn by men and women, our range of arm jewellery is sure to offer something for everyone.

Men’s and Ladies Bracelets and Bangles

What makes bracelets and bangles so versatile is that they can be as simple or ornate as the wearer chooses. Whether you prefer a more classic style that can be worn with anything, or you love changing your bracelets to suit your mood, colour choice of the day and current whim, you are sure to find just the right piece in our bespoke collection.

To all the guys out there who understand the value of a well-chosen arm bracelet – we have you covered, too. A simple, understated band in gold or steel can add volumes to any look, with a masculine but sexy touch that women love. These items of jewellery are ideal as a gift for wearers of all ages. Young and old alike will appreciate the easy, stylish versatility of a statement arm band. While you are browsing, why not treat yourself to some new arm bling in the process? With a great range of men’s and ladies bracelets and bangles, the Jewellery Connection is the best place to find jewellery online.