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Pendants & Chains

If you are seeking the finest pendant, chains and necklaces, the Jewellery Connection is sure to have just what you need. From finely crafted diamond pendants to delicate chains and neck pieces, we offer an excellent range of neckwear that caters to all tastes.

Pendants and chains were an ancient invention of jewellery that goes as far back as the Stone Age.  Over time, the original necklace has expanded into a range of jewellery. Pendants were put onto a strip of leather to show off the designs, but over the ages, chains were forged from various metals and the true art of jewellery began to develop. Goldsmiths began to forge beautiful creations that included beautiful pendants that used diamonds as well as other gemstones, with a variety of styles of pendants created. Today, there is truly an abundance of different gems on the market – many of which are used in modern day neck jewellery.

Pendants, Chains and Necklaces

Both men and women appreciate the glamour of pendants and chains manufactured out of gold, platinum or silver. A pendant necklace encrusted with diamonds or gemstones is often given as a gift as a sign of love or friendship, for a birthday, an anniversary, a christening gift, or even for a special day. If you choose a classic design for your pendant and chain, you will never really get bored, as your chain or pendant can sparkle with some of the most heavenly gems on the planet.

The Jewellery Connection offers a range of diamond and tanzanite pendants to suit your preferences. Whether you are seeking a simple, elegant pendant to match a pair of diamond studs or a special ring or bracelet, or you have always longed to own a breath-taking tanzanite necklace that creates awe by all who behold its beauty, all of our neck jewellery has been finely crafted to the highest quality.

Browse our selection of pendants, chains and necklaces, and then place your order online via our easy to use, secure website that makes jewellery shopping easier than ever before!