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From diamond engagement rings to eternity rings, love rings and many other beautiful choices, we make it easier than ever to buy rings online in South Africa. Our selection includes engagement offerings, but that is just the beginning. We also offer a variety of rings for every mood and occasion, too. Eye-catching cocktail rings offer just the right balance of sophistication and sparkle while our love and eternity rings are designed with romance in mind. Choose from precious metal bands such as platinum and gold, and stones that include diamond, tanzanite and sapphire.

Have an idea for a ring that you wish to create? We provide custom designed rings that will transform your idea into a beautiful piece that shines on your finger, working with you to create a one of a kind design.

Buy Rings Online at the Jewellery Connection

Since the days of ancient Egypt, when reeds that grew along the Nile were braided into rings and given to loved ones as a sign of eternal love, women have sought such rings as adornments. Throughout history, rings have been worn on different fingers until the fourth finger on the left hand was said to have the Vein of Love running through it and became known as the ring finger. A ring placed on this finger is the epitome of true commitment from the heart. Rings in gold, platinum and silver set with diamonds and gemstones are worn as a sign to the world of love and of abundance.

At the Jewellery Connection, we offer a range of affordable engagement rings as well as single stone, diamond or tanzanite engagement rings, cocktail rings and exclusive diamond rings. Browse our selection of rings to suit every mood, style and budget, and buy rings online safely and simply through our secure, easy to use website. 

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